Member Rules

Romance Book Tours was created to share books with other individuals. The rules below are in place to make this sharing as efficient and effective as possible!

1) Tour participants for each book must sign up by the deadline indicated in the post. If the number interested exceeds the number allowed for the tour, participants will be drawn randomly.

2) Participants shall have one (1) week from date of arrival to read and send each book. Extensions will be given for individuals receiving more than one book at the same time.

3) Books must be sent in well protected envelopes with delivery confirmation. This confirmation number must be communicated by the end of your last ship date.

4) Reviews for books read through Romance Book Tours must be written within two (2) weeks of ship date. Please link the DIRECT LINK of your REVIEW to the Mr. Linky on the post.

5) You are required to be a blogger to participate in ARC tours. Tours for released books may be joined by individuals with or without bloggers.

Strike System
Strikes will be given to individuals not following the guidelines. 
You can receive a strike by doing the following:
-Mailing a book late (one strike for up to five days, two strikes for five + )
-Not turning in a review on time
-Not posting your delivery confirmation
Individuals with three strikes will have a limit on the number of tours they may join. This number (three) will change as more tours are added.

Point System
Star Book Tours has a point system to reward those who are diligent about their deadlines. 
You can earn points by doing each of the following:
-Sending a book out early (one point per day)
-Sending a book out on time (one point)
-Writing a review within one week (two points)
-Writing a review on time (one point)

Points can be redeemed in the following ways:
Three points: Ship a book two days later than original deadline
Ten points: Guarantee yourself a spot on a tour
Fifteen points: Guarantee yourself a spot on a tour + be one of the first two the book is shipped to
Other point rewards will be added as they become available.


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